Help for Online Shopping

Here are easy to follow directions for ordering merchandise on our web site.  (You can refer to these directions  by clicking on "Help for Online Shopping" at any time during the shopping process and go back to the page you were just on by clicking "back" on your screens' toolbar.):

1. Go to "category search" window and click on drop down menu.  (On the first page you can also select  from the great buys section by clicking on the picture.  These same items show up in their own categories as well.)

2. Choose the category  you want and just click on it.  You do not have to press go.  It will automatically transfer you to the page.

3.  Once you are on the page  scroll down to view merchandise.  When you get to the bottom of the page you will see a box that says "more".  Click on it to see the rest of the merchandise in that category.

4.  To order, click on the picture of the item you want.  You will be taken to a screen with a larger picture of the item.  At the bottom of the page click on the size and color of the item you want.  After each click the screen will disappear and then return with the selection you made.  Please wait for the process to finish each time.

5.  After you have completed the selections for the items you want, click the "check out" button to complete the purchasing process.  

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