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Russian Pointe style Brava
Russian Pointe style Brava
Flexible Medium Shank
Brava Russian Pointe Shoe is a remarkably versatile pointe shoe with a low crown, and wide, stable platform. Brava is ideal for dancers with even-length to moderately tapered toes, and shallow to slightly full feet. Tapered shape from metatarsal area to h
Price : $90.00
Bloch style #160L
Bloch style #160L
European Balance
Wide box, with medium vamp, low profile, wide platform and medium arched shank.  Good for intermediate and experienced dancers.
Regular Price : $90.00
Sale Price : $72.00
Pillows for Pointes style #SUPG
Pillows for Pointes style #SUPG
Super Gellows
Seamless coolmax fabric on both sides, with a thin layer of gel between to reduce impact on foot.
Regular Price : $23.00
Sale Price : $18.40
Capezio style #126
Capezio style #126
Standard box,wide platform, moderate shank and short vamp.  Good for intermediate and experienced dancer.
Regular Price : $85.00
Sale Price : $67.99
Pillows for Pointes style #SUPGX
Pillows for Pointes style #SUPGX
X-Long Super Gellows
Specifically designed for long toes and feet with bunions.  Thin layer of gel between two layers of Cool Max fabric reduces impact to the foot.
Regular Price : $24.00
Sale Price : $19.20
So Danca style #SD32
So Danca style #SD32
This shoe features a U-shaped vamp and low profile. The shank is ¾ Normal to allow support for more complex center technique.
Regular Price : $78.00
Sale Price : $58.50

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