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Bloch style #258L
Bloch style #258L
Adult Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoe
Soft and durable leather for long lasting wear.  Pre-sewn elastic straps and thin cotton drawstring.  Subtract 2 sizes from street shoe size (i.e. size 6 street shoe equals size 4 ballet)
Regular Price : $28.00
Sale Price : $22.40
So Danca style #BA-26
So Danca style #BA-26
Men's Ballet Shoe
Split-sole canvas shoe with stretch insert under the arch that form fits to foot.
Regular Price : $23.99
Sale Price : $19.19
Sansha style # Pro 1C
Sansha style # Pro 1C
Canvas Ballet
Soft and comfortable, conforms easily to shape of foot.  Two semi-attached elastics that you can adust to fit. Full sizes only.
Regular Price : $22.00
Sale Price : $17.60
Bloch style #S0277
Bloch style #S0277
Adult Canvas Ballet Shoe
Split-sole design with unique construction that reduces underfoot lumps.    Size down 2 from street shoe size.  "B" is medium width.
Regular Price : $25.00
Sale Price : $20.00
Capezio style #200
Capezio style #200
Adult Leather Ballet Shoe
Full sole with leather upper Widths run B (narrow), C
(medium), D (Wide), E (extra wide)
Shoe fits even with street shoe size

Regular Price : $22.99
Sale Price : $18.40
So Danca style #BA-14
So Danca style #BA-14
Men's Leather Ballet
Full sole ballet shoe in soft leather.  Cotton lining and pre-sewn elastic.  Sized according to men's street shoe size.
Regular Price : $21.99
Sale Price : $17.59

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