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Danshuz style #6426
Danshuz style #6426
Neoprene Half Sole
Neoprene fabric ensures a secure fit and provides padded comfort. Double stitched suede sole patch for smooth turns.
Regular Price : $18.00
Sale Price : $14.40
DiMichi style #T-14
DiMichi style #T-14
Sophia 2.5-Inch Heel
Traditional leather open-toe T-strap, with suede sole and padded footbed.
Regular Price : $72.00
Sale Price : $40.00
Motionwear style #383
Motionwear style #383
Dance Sole
Thin and durable footpad for maximum floor feel, with elastic gripper strip to keep in place.
Regular Price : $20.00
Sale Price : $15.99
Motionwear style #388
Motionwear style #388
Cami Sole
Elastic strip across top of foot and elastic gripper strip to keep in place.  Thin and durable foot pad for maximum floor feel.
Regular Price : $23.00
Sale Price : $18.40
So Danca style #BL33
So Danca style #BL33
T-Strap with glitter fabric. 1 1/2 inch heel and suede sole.
Regular Price : $81.00
Sale Price : $64.80
Bloch style #258L
Bloch style #258L
Adult Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoe
Soft and durable leather for long lasting wear.  Pre-sewn elastic straps and thin cotton drawstring.  Subtract 2 sizes from street shoe size (i.e. size 6 street shoe equals size 4 ballet)
Regular Price : $28.00
Sale Price : $22.40

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