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Pointe Pad  style #900
Pointe Pad style #900
by Bloch
Inside of the foot cover is coated with a thin layer of gel to protect the ball of the foot and metatarsal area from friction and pressure.
Regular Price : $22.00
Sale Price : $17.60
Pro Pad
Pro Pad
by Bunheads
Designed with no gel under the foot, only thin fabric under the toes. A layer of gel material inside two pieces of fabric creates a comfortable pouch. Cushions the tops and the tips of the toes.
Regular Price : $22.00
Sale Price : $17.59
Ouch Pouch
Ouch Pouch
by Bunheads
Cushiony fabric covered gel toe pads hugs the foot which keeps pads from sliding or bunching.
Regular Price : $24.00
Sale Price : $19.19

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